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New & Notable
Once again, we at Belletrista have sifted through hundreds of pages of publisher catalogs from all over the world to bring our readers a variety of interesting international reading. The titles presented on these pages are either new publications or otherwise notable in some way, and we have attempted to organize them rather unscientifically into regions. We at Belletrista hope you'll find more than a few delicious titles here (I know we do!) Happy reading!


Lourdes Vázquez
Translated from the Spanish by Bethany Korp-Edwards

Not Myself Without You follows a working-class Puerto Rican family of the 1950s whose lives are surrounded by spirits, ghosts, and witches, a result of incantations performed in their living room. Chronicling nearly two decades of the family's history, including their occult activities, the story follows these characters as they move around pulled by economic, political, and the social conditions of the times as well as by their own intense desires. Based on oral history and research, this novel is the author's own memoir with a strong fictional twist.

Bilingual Review Press (US), paperback, 9781931010689

María Amparo Ruiz De Burton

Burton, who was born in Mexico, was the first Mexican-American woman to write novels in English and the first 19th century California writer to publish a novel in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War. This, her first book, tells the story of Lola, a young, orphaned Mexican girl rescued from Indian captors and taken across the country to live. Through a riveting personal story of a young girl's coming-of-age Who Would Have Thought It? offers a stunning portrayal of the clash of cultures and communities, and a fresh perspective on Civil War America. This is a classics "rediscovery".

Penguin, paperback, 9780143105879

Book cover
Reyna Grande

Dancing with Butterflies uses the alternating voices of four very different women whose lives interconnect through a common passion for their Mexican heritage and a dance company called Alegría.

Washington Square Press, paperback, 9781439109069

Kei Miller

After her mother's death, Imelda Richardson returns to the small town in Jamaica where she is from.When Tessa Walcott's panties are stolen, she and Imelda set up a Neighbourhood Watch and soon find themselves opposed by the local minister as old and new tensions come to a head.

Phoenix (US), paperback, 9780753823118 (November)
Orion (UK), paperback, 9780753823118

Book cover
Ana María Shua
Translated from the Spanish by Steven J. Stewart

One of Argentina’s most prolific and distinguished writers, and acclaimed worldwide, Shua displays in these microfictions her humor, riddling logic, and mastery over our imagination.

Bison Books, paperback, 9780803220904

Book cover
Alicia Steimberg
Translated from the Spanish by Andrea G. Labinger

In The Rainforest, the award-winning Argentine novelist Alicia Steimberg offers the reader new definitions of happiness and mature love—or perhaps simply the reassurance that in life, nothing is ever quite as terrible as one fears or quite as glorious as one remembers.

Bison Books, paperback, 9780803293298

Elva Treviño Hart

This collection of short stories introduces us to the people of San Miguel de Allende, a town nestled in the eastern part of Mexico's mountainous bajío region. The mild climate attracts wealthy Americans and Canadians seeking relaxation and escape. While we meet a variety of these well-to-do Anglo retirees, we also meet the maids of San Miguel, who see all that is going on, and who work magic to heal or redeem their employers. But sometimes the sorcery of others trumps their own.

Bilingual Review Press (US), paperback, 9781931010610