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New & Notable
Once again, we at Belletrista have sifted through hundreds of pages of publisher catalogs from all over the world to bring our readers a variety of interesting international reading. The titles presented on these pages are either new publications or otherwise notable in some way, and we have attempted to organize them rather unscientifically into regions. We at Belletrista hope you'll find more than a few delicious titles here (I know we do!) Happy reading!


Book cover
By Marele Day

An intriguing, understated and beautiful narrative, this is the story of a Buddhist monk who has to travel to a remote fishing village on a task of love and duty, and a young woman who is also returning to the village of her birth.

Allen & Unwin, paperback, 9781741758412

Charlotte Grimshaw

Award-winning author Grimshaw's latest short fiction collection covers a wide range of territory, from childhood innocence to adult desperation, from the depths of poverty to cushioned affluence, from London to Los Angeles, Ayers Rock in Australia to the black sand beaches of New Zealand's wild west coast. The stories can be read as discrete pieces, yet each contributes to a unifying narrative. Richly detailed, vivid with local colour, each story is an inspection of human motive and of the complex ties that bind five principal characters together.

Vintage (NZ), paperback, 9781869791384
Jonathan Cape (UK), paperback, 9780224088930

By Larissa Behrendt

Simone Harlowe is young and clever, an Aboriginal lawyer straddling two lives and two cultures while studying at Harvard. Her family life back in Sydney is defined by the complex relationship she has with her father, a prominent Aboriginal rights activist. This debut novel is a tale of fathers and daughters and how the past is always present.

Penguin, paperback, 9780702237331

by Joy Dettman

A young woman - foreign, dishevelled and heavily pregnant - is found unconscious and brought to the local midwife. Try as she might, the midwife is unable to save her but the baby lives. When no family comes forward, the midwife's daughter and son-in-law, who have recently lost a son in childbirth, take the child in. Jenny, as she has been named, survives her childhood and grows into an talented young woman but she cannot help but think about the mystery of her parentage. Pearl in a Cage is an absorbing novel spanning two momentous decades and capturing rural Australia's complex and mysterious heart.

MacMillan (AU), paperback, 9781405039574

Book cover
Robyn Mundy

Freya has come to Antarctica ostensibly to undertake a photographic expedition - but also to escape a stifling relationship. Once she is there, though, living in the cramped and close confines of David Station, the extraordinary world of Antarctica gets under her skin and she starts to unfurl, finding her world change in ways she would never previously had thought possible.

Allen & Unwin, paperback, 9781741755763

by Amy Barker

Winner of the 2008 Queensland Premier's Literary Award for Best Emerging Author, Amy Barker tells a sobering tale of modern warfare in the suburbs with confidence and assurance. This striking debut novel explores how life on society's margins can mean the end of the road for some, and offer the possibility of escape for others.

Univ. of Queensland, paperback, 9780702237201