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Our Belletrista Bag is On the Move!

photo of Nagaskai Peace Park, Nagasaki, Japan

(click on each of the three small thumbnails for its entire picture).
All photos © C. Lariviere

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Did you guess where our Belle bag is? C. Lariviere from Austin, Texas took this picture of her Belle bag near the fountain leading to the Peace Park in Nagasaki, Japan. The statue, framed by the fountain with its bursts of water in the shape of angel wings, stands as a reminder of the war. Its elevated right hand points towards the sky and the threat of nuclear attacks while its left hand reaches out for world peace and tranquility. Japan is founded on a rich history that thrives in and influences its literature, making for both a fantastic visual and literary journey.

Thumbnails, Left to right:

1. This castle sits in the center of Kokura, a city in northern Kyushu. This city was an original target for the nuclear bombing, but due to bad weather the bombing of Kokura was called off. The mission would have been fully aborted had a clearing in the clouds not been spotted over Nagasaki, the alternative target city.

2. This little pavilion, part of Yamadera, perches on a cliffside in Yamagata Prefecture, almost two and a half hours north of Tokyo.

3. Notes of encouragement are left on a shrine wall asking for Japan to stand strong and to unite in the aftermath of the March 2011 tsunami.

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