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Whether you are a seasoned reader of international literature or a reader just venturing out beyond your own literary shores, we know you will find our New and Notable section a book browser's paradise! Reading literature from around the world has a way of opening up one's perspective to create as vast a world within us as there is without. Here are 60+ new and notable books we hope will bring the world to you.


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Penelope Todd

An island in a bleak harbour; an isolated quarantine station where a group of nurses works tirelessly to care for sailors and immigrants recovering from the effects of the long sea voyage to the new land. Kahu swims ashore, searching for a woman. Young nurse Liesel, caught in a passionate triangle, is faced with choices both harrowing and intoxicating. Martha, who oversees the hospital and guides the community, is making a kind of experiment with life. Some on the island are too sick to live. Others flame with life. The island is cradle and crucible. Penelope Todd's first novel for adults is full of brilliantly drawn characters and a narrative which sweeps the reader along with its power. This is literary fiction of the highest quality, and an intensely romantic page-turner.

Penguin Books (NZ), paperback, 9780143203810

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Kate Veitch

I'm a lucky woman, thinks Susanna Greenfield. And why wouldn't she? Her handsome, successful husband is a loving father to their two teenage children. Her mother, Jean, is her dearest friend. Her scatty but adored younger sister, Angie, seems to have finally found some stability in her life. Susanna has a solid career as an art teacher and if, as she's recently discovered, there's a hole inside her where her creative spirit used to be—is that really such a big price to pay?

But beneath the carefully maintained surface, seismic forces are at work. Fault lines are forming, not only within Susanna, but in each beloved member of her family. In a single, tragically Ill-judged moment, the fabric it has taken a lifetime to construct can be torn apart.

Viking, paperback, 9780 6700 73979

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Marie Munkara

In the mission era in the remote north of Australia, it was a battle between saving souls and saving traditional culture. Every Secret Thing offers a rough, tough and uncompromising portrayal of the Bush Mob and the Mission Mob, and the hapless clergy who were attempting to convert them. Woven through these engaging fictional stories are the more serious themes of social and cultural dominance, religious and not-so-religious agendas. Every Secret Thing will challenge established views of the mission era and surprise with its irreverent wit. When culture and faith collide, sometimes humour is the only refuge.

University of Queensland Press, paperback, 9780702237195

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Charity Norman

A poignant and absolutely charming novel of finding love, home and family. David, the vicar of an inner-city London parish, and Leila, his Nigerian-born wife are unable to have children and are desperate for a family of their own. When they finally hear they've been approved to adopt a young baby, Grace, they are giddy with delight. There's just one problem: Grace's birth family—the enigmatic, charismatic Harrisons—have changed their minds and decided they won't give her up without a fight. They only want what's best for Grace—but who can say exactly what that is? A warm, absorbing read with real emotion that is guaranteed to pull at the heartstrings. Freeing Grace is reminiscent of the work of Joanna Trollope or Monica McInerney.

Charity Norman was born in Uganda and raised in the UK. She specialised in crime and family law as a barrister, before moving with her family to New Zealand to write.

Allen & Unwin, paperback, 9781742373188

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Janet Frame

The Daylight and the Dust is the most comprehensive selection of Janet Frame's stories ever published, taken from the four different collections released during her lifetime and featuring many of her best stories. Written over four decades, they come from her classic prize-winning collection The Lagoon and Other Stories, first published in 1952, right up to the volume You are Now Entering the Human Heart, published in the 1980s. This new selection also includes five works that have not been collected before. Janet Frame's versatility dazzles. Her themes range from childhood to old age to death and beyond. Within the pages of one book the reader is transported from small town New Zealand to inner-city London, and from realism to fantasy. This volume offers the most comprehensive collection of Janet Frame's unique and powerful writing.

Virago Press, paperback, 9781844084623

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D. J. Connell

The funniest debut novel since Tom Sharpe's Riotous Assembly, only it's set in Tasmania! Julian Corkle's got small-screenability. His mother tells him he'll be a star one day. 'Twinkle, twinkle,' she says, giving his hair a ruffle. Not everyone shares Julian's dreams of stardom. Television is too much like hairdressing for his father's tastes. A Tasmanian man wants a son for sporting purposes. 'Boys don't like dolls,' he tells Julian, 'They like Dinky Toys.' Not this boy, thinks Julian, who knows better than to tell the truth. Besides, the family already has a sporting hero, Julian's sister Carmel aka 'The Locomotive'. Julian likes his sister, but knows better than to tangle with her bowling arm. It's the same one she uses for punching. Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar is the ultimate feel-good novel, a book that will have the reader laughing out loud on the back of a bus as it follows Julian's bumpy journey through adolescence, fibbing his way through school and a series of dead-end jobs, to find his ultimate calling as creator of 'The Hog.' It's as if Crocodile Dundee has crashed Muriel's wedding and run off into the desert with Priscilla.

HarperCollins, paperback, 9780007332168

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Titania Hardie

A legendary ruin. An ancient mystery. Will unveiling the past transform the future? In San Francisco, Madeline Moretti is grieving the sudden death of her fiance. Nothing brings her joy; not her family, her beloved apartment, nor the job she once treasured, where she fights for the rights of workers betrayed by a callous employer. Maddie's grandmother, a fiery Italian who feels a fierce connection to her granddaughter, sends her to Tuscany to heal. Maddie finds herself immersed in the restoration of a medieval garden, and in the mystery of a ruined villa. It was destroyed centuries ago in a legendary storm on the Eve of St Agnes, and known ever since as the Casa al Vento -- the house of the wind. The myth of the young woman who walked unscathed from the ruins, so strongly recalled by John Keats' poem, will haunt Maddie as she searches for a way to step into her future.

Headline Review, hardcover, 9780755346288
Atria, hardcover, 9781416586265