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TRIO! Ceri Evans discusses three books by Egyptian author Ahdaf Soueif.

"Seven Little Rooms" - original fiction by notable Hindi author Mridula Garg.

Who Has the Power? Reading Arab Women in English
by M. Lynx Qualey

Welcome, readers, to our sixth issue! Besides our regular review section featuring an array of intriguing books, and the tantalizing previews of new books in our New & Notable section, we have provided you with a compelling mix of fascinating articles this issue. There is a thought-provoking piece on reading the work of Arab Women in translation, one of our "Trios" explores three books by Ahdaf Soueif, and we report back from the splashy Book Expo America. In this issue we are honored to introduce to our readers the eminent Indian author Mridula Garg with two pieces: the first is an original short story translated from the Hindi by the author herself, and a second piece by Sunita Jain on Ms. Garg's place in literature.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful issue and with it we complete our first year of celebrating literature written by women all over the world! Thank you for being a part of our reading community.

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Book cover
Gioconda Belli
Translated from the Spanish by Sayers Peden

I love retellings of popular stories (fairy tales, the King Arthur legend, fables), love venturing into familiar territory in an unfamiliar way, seeing how an author can give a voice to characters previously on the sidelines. In Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand, Gioconda Belli tackles the story of Adam and Eve…

Reviewing by Caitlin Fehir
Book cover
Nnedi Okorafor

Nnedi Okarafor's fanciful and furious novel Who Fears Death is a truly strange hybrid, combining "ripped from the headlines" details of genocide, rape, and female genital mutilation with lyrical descriptions of African deserts and fantastical elements like dueling sorcerers and shape-shifting. It shouldn't work—but it does, and I was drawn in…

Reviewed by F. P. Crawford
Book cover
Savyon Liebrecht
Trasnslated from the Hebrew by Sondra Silverston

At the age of seven, Meir left his father in Tel Aviv to join his mother in the United States. Straightaway he was told that his father had died. At that moment, all memories of his first seven years died, too.

Reviewed by Kathleen Ambrogi
Book cover
Mary Gaitskill

A recurrent comment about Mary Gaitskill's work is that she writes like a man. Powerful, relentless, and at times brutal, her stories take readers to an edge over which female writers apparently are not supposed to step.

Reviewed by Deborah Montuori

Mridula Garg
Photo of Mridula Garg
Sunita Jain on Mridula Garg's place in literature.
Book Expo America: Sore Feet and Literary Treasure
Photo of crowds at Book Expo America
Beyond the glitz and glitter, we discover some real treasures.