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Thirty-nine Arab writers under the age of 39. Akeela Gaibie-Dawood looks at the award and the women who were honored.

Carolyn Kelly in praise of Swedish author Åsa Larsson

SPECIAL FEATURE: More reviews! In keeping with our short fiction theme this month, we review anthologies.

Happy New Year, and welcome to Belletrista's exciting third issue!

In this issue we have chosen to emphasize short fiction. Author Tania Hershman has written a wonderful piece on the subject (click on "Stopping to Smell the Miniature Roses" below), and we have put together a special section of anthology reviews. We were very pleased to discover that The Guardian has recently published an article on women and short fiction, too (once again proving that great minds think alike)! Here's a link to their article; perhaps you will enjoy reading it as much as we have here at Belletrista.

We like to think we have something for every fiction reader in this issue, and we hope you will explore all the magazine has to offer—from our regular reviews and new & notable offerings, to our engaging feature pieces which explore the work of Åsa Larsson, Annie Ernaux, and the very welcome Beirut39 project.We hope you will enjoy Belletrista 3, and will be interested in reading some of the excellent books highlighted here. Please let us know what you think—your comments are always welcome!

Below is a tantalizingly small selection of this month's reviews....
Book cover
Park Wah-suh
Translated from the Korean by Yu Young-nan and Stephen J. Epstein

Both a coming of age story and a tale of ordinary people trying to survive in extraordinary times, Who Ate Up All the Shinga? is an absorbing read that will appeal both to those who enjoy intriguing storytelling....

Reviewed by Dorothy Dudek Vinicombe
Book cover
Yiyun Li

The Vagrants is set in Muddy River, a fictional city in the Chinese provinces, in 1979. In the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution, the country is being swayed by the democratic wall movement in Beijing, a popular movement calling for more openness and democracy....

Reviewed by Rachel Hayes
Book cover
Dubravka Ugrešić
Translated from the Croatian by Ellen Elias-Bursac

Ugrešić's take on the Slavic Baba Yaga story is part of the Canongate "The Myths" series, for which an outstanding collection of writers have each produced a contemporary retelling of a myth. The prospect of a retelling of Baba Yaga by a writer I admire greatly was too much to resist....

Reviewed by Rachel Hayes
Book cover
Kerstin Ekman
Translated from the Swedish by Linda Schneck

With make-believe snow swirling around my head and imaginary wolves howling in the distance, I am reminded of Russian novels.

Reviewed by Kathleen Ambrogi
Book cover
L.M. Montgomery

Every lifelong reader has at least one treasured childhood book. Mine is Anne of Green Gables, the quintessential novel by one of Canada's most beloved authors, Lucy Maud Montgomery. Though I am no longer part of Montgomery's target audience, I still treat myself to an annual read of her "Anne" series....

Reviewed by Caitlin Fehir

Stopping to Smell the Miniature Roses
Picture of Tania Hershman
Author Tania Hershman on the wonders of short fiction.
Three Books by Annie Ernaux

Photo of Annie Ernaux
Darryl Morris introduces us to three novels by French author Annie Ernaux in Belletrista's first "TRIO" feature.
New and Notable Books
Photo of a pile of books
And with the New Year comes more interesting books for the Belletrista reader!