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New & Notable
In these exciting pages we reveal a sample of New and Notable publications by women that have been carefully selected after we have pored over hundreds of entries in publishers catalogs from all over the world. Our aim is to bring you the most alluring reads from around the globe, so that you may further enjoy your armchair travels from the comfort of your home. This time, we've added significantly more covers and we've increased the length of the synopses given. All of us at Belletrista take pleasure in presenting these books to you in the hope that you will enjoy browsing through them as much as we have enjoyed selecting them. Go ahead; embark on an exhilarating reading voyage!


Book cover
Goldie Goldblum

Gin, the albino, marries to escape the confines of an asylum. Toad, a little man who wears corsets, marries to prove his manhood. Together they are freaks – feared and ridiculed by the remote farming community in which they live. Into their lives come two Italian POWs bringing music, sensuality and a love that will fan the flames of small town bigotry.

Freemantle Press, paperback, 9781921361630

Book cover
Janet Turner Hospital

A brilliant collection of stories from the critically-acclaimed author of Oyster and Due Preparations for the Plague "Hospital is a writer of consummate craft and visionary insight. She is always surprising, and seems always to be renewing herself as one of our major writers." --Joyce Carol Oates

Harper Perennial (UK), paperback, 9780007149308
Harper Collins (CAN), paperback, 9780007149292

Book cover
Alison Booth

Zidra travels to the small town of Jingera on the New South Wales coast. Ilona, a concentration camp survivor and refugee, is searching for peace and an opportunity to start anew. She has rented a cottage and plans to set up a small business as a piano teacher.

There she meets a wonderful cast of characters: George Cadwallader the town butcher with his bitter and disappointed wife; their son Jim who has hopes of gaining a scholarship to a prestigious school; Peter Vincent, a former POW who is drawn to Illona, and brittle schoolteacher Miss Nesbitt.

But Jingera is not quite the utopia that it seems and their arrival sets in train a tragic sequence of events.

Bantam, paperback, 9781741669312

Book cover
Rachael King

Rosemary Summers is an amateur taxidermist and a passionate collector of tattoos. To her, both activities honour the deceased and keep their memory alive. After the death of her beloved grandfather, and while struggling to finish her thesis on gothic Victorian novels, she returns alone to Magpie Hall to claim her inheritance: Grandpa's own taxidermy collection, started more than 100 years ago by their ancestor Henry Summers. As she sorts through Henry's legacy, the ghosts of her family's past begin to make their presence known.

Vintage (NZ), paperback, 9781869792886

Book cover
Elizabeth Jolley

Laden with wit, irony and Jolley's perceptive musings on the ties that bind us, this comedy of manners tells the story of an eccentric professor and the seven women in his life.

Penguin Modern Classics, paperback, 9780143180234

Book cover
Elizabeth Knox

From one of New Zealand's most successful writers comes a story of Boomtown Los Angeles, 1929: the movies have burst into song and speech, and aircraft into the skies at speed. Into this world of soundstages and speakeasies comes Xas, stunt flier and wingless angel, with his German passport and his broken heart, determined only to go on living in the air. What does it take to turn a wind? Will it be Conrad Cole, movie director and aircraft designer, a glory-seeking king of the grand splash who is also a man sinking into his own sovereign darkness. Or will it be Flora McLeod, film editor and maimed former actress, who sees something in Xas that no-one has ever seen before, not even God, who made him, or Lucifer, the general he once followed - Lucifer, who has lost him once but won't let that be the end of it. What does it take to turn a wind? Mountains. Or another wind.

Victoria Univ. Press, paperback, 9780864736000
Harper Collins (AU), paperback, 0732289556
Vintage, paperback, 9780099540045