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US author Sigrid Nunez discusses her new novel with Joyce Nickel

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Caitlin Fehir

Belletrista turns one! A brief retrospective and a look ahead

With this issue, Belletrista completes its first year. We at Belletrista would like to thank those of you spread across this great blue planet who read our little 'zine and also use it as a resource for your personal reading, your bookclubs, or your classes. May we continue to endeavor to deserve your attention in the coming year! With this issue, we debut a new feature we are calling "Conversations" and also our Belletrista blog, "If Written by a Woman," an exciting venture we hope you will all be part of. There are more exciting things ahead!

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Book cover
Sabiha Al Khemir

The Blue Manuscript by Sabiha Al Khemir is a tale woven of stories and miracles, of the sublimity of art and the crassness of art dealers, of human ambition and longing for connection.

Reviewed by Jane A. Jones
Book cover
Sigrid Nunez

After a worldwide flu pandemic leaves him an orphan, young teen Cole Vining realizes that his life has taken him in an unexpected, and previously unimaginable, direction. In just a few months, he goes from living with urbanite parents to a new life with …

Reviewed by Joyce Nickel
Book cover
Almudena Grandes
Translated from the Spanish by Frank Wynne

Since the World Cup Final, all Spaniards will be proud of the victory of their team; Spaniards across the world have celebrated for weeks, basking in their glory. Yet, for many Spaniards they will also hesitate at the sight of their flag, which carried the black eagle until 1981, to many, the symbolism of the Franco state, a reminder of outcome of the Spanish Civil War.

Reviewed by Ceri Evans
Book cover
Mieko Kanai
Translated from the Japanese by Paul McCarthy

It took me a while to appreciate the many virtues of The Word Book. Having just come off reading a run of novels, I dived into these stories too fast, and had to lift my head out of the water, make a conscious decision to …

Reviewed by Tim Jones
Book cover
Sofi Oksanen
Translated from the Finnish by Lola Rogers

Estonia 1992, right after the fall of the Soviet Union, is a turbulent place, even in a small village far off the centre of events. The old woman Aliide is waiting for the legal rights to her family's lands and forests, once claimed to collective farming, to be returned to her.

Reviewed by Anders Duus

Book Cover: Sky Burial
A discussion of Xinran's Sky Burial between three Belletrista readers.
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The Caine Prize for African Writing 2011 – shortlist announced

The shortlist for this year’s Caine Prize has just been announced and three women are in the running for the prestigious award. This is always an exciting time of year – the Prize is a great way to discover short stories by excellent writers. Lucky for us, the Prize’s website links to a copy of …Read the Rest