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Whether you are a seasoned reader of international literature or a reader just venturing out beyond your own literary shores, we know you will find our New and Notable section a book browser's paradise! Reading literature from around the world has a way of opening up one's perspective to create as vast a world within us as there is without. Here are nearly 70 new or notable books we hope will bring the world to you. Remember—depending on what country you are shopping in, these books might be sold under slightly different titles or ISBNs, in different formats or with different covers; or be published in different months. However, the author's name is always likely to be the same! (a book published in another country may not always be available to your library or local bookstore, but individuals usually can purchase them from the publishers or other online resources)


Book cover
Heather Jessup

Set against the backdrop of Cold War Toronto, The Lightning Field follows the lives of Peter and Lucy Jacobs from their post-war courtship through marriage and child-rearing in the suburbs. Though spanning four decades, the book pivots on the events of a single day: October 4, 1957. On this day, the Russians launch Sputnik into orbit, the Avro Arrow--the most advanced jet plane of its time, whose wings Peter Jacobs has engineered--rolls out onto the tarmac to great ceremony, and, in a nearby field, Lucy Jacobs is struck by lightning on her way to the event.… The Lightning Field is about loss and unexpected offerings, personal dismantling and reassembly.

Gaspereau Press (CAN), paperback, 978155471065

Book cover
Michéle Marineau
Translated from the French by Susan Ouriou

Montreal actor Agathe O'Reilly is the recipient of anonymous letters that have become increasingly threatening and worrisome, with their references to betrayal, punishment, and revenge. Have they to do with the traumatic events that marked her childhood in western Quebec, events she has kept secret until now? When threats turn to violence and a first victim is claimed, Agathe is at a loss as to where she should turn.

Cormorant Books (CAN), paperback, 9781770860506 (November)

Book cover
M.A.C. Farrant

This tell-all book by M.A.C. Farrant, who Publishers Weekly has celebrated as "a brave iconoclast" and whose work the Globe & Mail has said "bristles with moral fury … at the absurdities of our accelerated age and a great dose of laugh-out-loud humour," offers her readers nothing less than The Strange Truth About Us. A three-part novel-length work of prose fragments, snippets, questions, speculations and meditations, that is by turns philosophical, dark, comedic and lyrical, it attempts to imagine a multitude of possible futures for our garrisoned world. Unique in style and approach, engaging, enigmatic, controversial and delightful, this book is an attempt to prick the bubble of our complacency in the face of the "awful atrocity" we've made for ourselves.

Talon Books (CAN), paperback, 9780889226685

Book cover
Nicole Lundrigan

When Roy Trench is killed in a drunken prank gone wrong, his brother Lewis sees blood on the hands of the man responsible: the abusive alcoholic, Eli Fagan. Though the courts rule the death an accident, the event opens a seam of hate between the two families of Knife's Point, Newfoundland. Desperate to smother the painful past with love, Lewis marries Wilda, and the pleasure he takes in their two children—Melvin and Toby—recalls the happier days of his childhood with Roy. But as he watches his small family fracture, the darkness of the past begins to cloud the present, leading Lewis back to Eli Fagan—and his watchful stepson, Garrett Glass. Powerfully written, with vivid and unflinching prose, Glass Boys is a suspenseful, deeply human saga of the persistence of evil and the astonishing power of love.

Douglas & McIntyre (CAN), paperback, 9781553657972

Book cover
Trudy Morgan-Cole

Inspired by postcards found in a 150-year-old house in Coley's Point. Triffie and Kit are closer than sisters. But for two girls growing up in a tiny outport community at the dawn of the twentieth century, having the same dreams and ambitions doesn't mean life will hand you the same opportunities. A teacher's certificate offers Kit the chance to explore the wider world, while Triffie is left behind, living the life she never wanted with the man she swore she'd never marry.The letters she and Kit exchange are her lifeline—until a long-buried secret threatens to destroy their friendship.

Breakwater Books (CAN), paperback, 9671550813623

Book cover
Lise Tremblay
Translated from the French by Linda Gaboriau

In the seemingly endless small-town summer of 1968, a twelve-year-old girl contemplates with dread the social prospects of her fast-approaching enrollment in a class for gifted students at the local high school, arranged by her mother who "blows up" at the drop of a hat—she doesn't intend to let her daughter marry "the first man to come along," and she is prepared to do anything to make sure her children don't grow up "ignorant," like Judith's sister, Claire. To escape her mother's unpredictable and interminable rants, the young girl locks herself in her room with her books, escaping into a life of imagination and dreams…

In this, her fifth book, Lise Tremblay paints a picture of rural Quebec in the years following the Quiet Revolution in her signature style so refreshingly free of artifice and literary hyperbole. Society is changing fast, new values are making inroads, but old traditions remain deeply rooted. Judith's Sister is a coming-of-age novel that focuses on the timeless themes that preoccupy all adolescent girls: solitude, alienation, obesity, lies, sexuality, shame, madness and fear of strangers; and our inevitable first encounters with the grown-up betrayals of friends, family and community.

Talon Books (CAN), paperback, 9780889226777 (November)

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